ACES Trading – Building a Better World

ACES Trading creates opportunities for artisans in the Dominican Republic
to earn a living through the sale of their goods.


Building on the adage of giving a hand up, Aces Trading is committed to providing a pay-it-forward fair wage to all of our artisan suppliers in the Dominican Republic. In addition, each piece of merchandise has a story and photo of its creator. In this way, Dominicans can truly become our neighbors! 

While we work hard to improve their standard of living, we also set aside some time to have fun with the local children. Many American volunteers with our projects enjoy building relationships with local Dominicans.




Vision Statement

Our vision is that fair prices for goods and commodities will improve and sustain the lives of people in impoverished areas. We import commodities like coffee, cacao, coconut products, and hand-crafed products, from producers in economically distressed areas to profitable markets in order to provide fair and sustainable income, improving quality of life in those areas.


Where We Work

The Dominican Republic is a small nation that shares its island habitat with Haiti. Its a tropical paradise of sand, sea, exotic birds, and enchantment. Paradoxically, its a nation founded on a stiffing colonial history and political corruption. With such a reality, its no surprise that more than 30% of its population lives below the poverty level and that they exist with a very low standard of living. 

The Dominican Republic’s tropical climate necessitates a different work ethic than that of the northeast U.S.! “On time” dealings don’t exist as heat, lack of transportation and electricity dictate a much different scheduling.

Learning that Dominicans often “make do” with primitive tools, unreliable electricity, and corrupt officials it is difficult for us Americans, who can easily take advantage of modernity, to understand. Because most Dominicans have far less material goods to maintain, their lifestyle is much more deliberate and uncomplicated – making their daily pace much slower than is customary for Americans.


Building Relationships

All visitors in our artisan communities are welcomed with warmth and  generosity. Even in primitive kitchens, feasts are prepared using only the bounty of the fields. Friendships really do cross national boundaries. Ties are forged that outlive technology and physical presence because they reside in the hearts of friends. Although a common language would facilitate communication, much can be said with hand motions, body language, and a smile!

Many Dominican coffee and cacao farmers are second and third generation artisans, constantly testing and improving best practices in their crafts. Dominican coffee and cacao are unquestionably some of the best in the world. Using outdated machinery and convenient burlap coffee bags, Dominican crafters construct some of the best and most durable artisan bags in the world. 

Community leaders in the rural village of Peralta in Provincia Azua are determined to build a community playground where children (schooled and unschooled) can play and just be kids.  Aces Trading will be helping to fund that effort as it progresses.

Many Dominican women have excellent business management skills that complement their sewing or agricultural skills. Coming together as a cooperative is a way to empower each other for a collective voice in their life circumstances. Everyone benefits!


Help Our Cause

We Americans have a global reputation for generosity and neighborliness. With the established connections that Aces Trading has, you can exercise those qualities RIGHT NOW and make a difference.