ACES TRADING LLC – Vision Statement


Our vision is that fair prices for goods and commodities will improve and sustain the lives of people in impoverished areas.

We import commodities like coffee, cacao, coconut products, and hand-crafed products, from producers in economically distressed areas to profitable markets in order to provide fair and sustainable income, improving quality of life in those areas.

Our Story

Throughout 13 years of working in a charitable capacity among grassroots residents of the Dominican Republic, it became obvious that the #1 priority with most Dominicans is to find opportunities for income. Many have art skills or agricultural skills, or business skills that simply need outlets in a bigger market than the DR. So Aces Trading was founded to provide that opportunity. Starting with green coffee and then graduating to handcrafts and cacao, Aces Trading is opening the world to Dominican artisans.


We hope that you will take a peek at their efforts to become global citizens, and join us as we embark on our journey of  HELPING OTHERS!